Willis Library: The Nest (251S)

About This Space

Located on the 2nd floor of Willis Library, The Nest is a gaming and game design space. The room may be reserved for one-time use by faculty for gaming, game design and instruction by contacting the Media Library at media.library@unt.edu. Students can reserve individual stations through the online reservation system.

  • Seats: 5 game stations and 6 moveable tables
  • Amenities: Reserved moveable tables, whiteboard, ADA accessible adjustable height PC gaming station
  • Technology: 5 Dell Aurora VR-Capable gaming PCs

Willis 251S the Nest

Willis 251S the Nest

Willis 251S the Nest

Additional Information

  1. The Nest is not booked for protracted periods of time or for regularly/frequently occurring events and it cannot be used as a regular classroom meeting space.

  2. No food or drink is permitted in the Nest.