Media Library: The Nest (Room: 111D)

Noise Level: Some Noise

This area can be a bit more noisy than others.

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About This Space

Located on the 1st floor of Chilton Hall, The Nest is a gaming and game design space. The room may be reserved for one-time use by faculty for gaming, game design and instruction by contacting the Media Library at Students can reserve individual stations through the online reservation system.

  • Seats: 15 game stations and 4 moveable tables
  • Amenities: Open/mobile seating and tables, whiteboard
  • Technology: 15 Dell Aurora VR-Capable gaming PCs


game stations

game stations

game stations

game stations

Additional Information

  1. The Nest is not booked for protracted periods of time or for regularly/frequently occurring events and it cannot be used as a regular classroom meeting space.

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