Willis Library: Lower Level

Noise Level: Quiet

This area designated for individual, quiet study with no cell phones, group work, loud music on headphones, or conversation.

About This Space

This is a designated quiet floor, meaning no cell phone calls, notification sounds, loud headphones, group gatherings, and conversations. Study spaces are available on the 1st floor and 2nd floor for group study.

You’ll fine graduate student lockers on this floor and the offices of many of the library’s subject librarians

person sitting in a study area

person in an individual study space

three students in green and white individual study pods

man looking at a computer screen in an individual study station


We have a universal docking station with dual monitors, book shelves, and charging stations on the Lower Level.

person sitting at a dual monitor station

several colorful books on a shelf

charging station

individual study stations

individual study stations

person with open books and phone in an individual study station

individual study stations

Regular Hours

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