Finance & Administration

Jody's Fountain on the Library Mall surrounded by trees
Main : (940) 565-3025
FAX : (940) 369-8760
Administrative Unit handling human resources, budgets, travel, and Graduate Library Assistants.

Find us in: Willis Library , Second Floor

About Us

The Office of Finance and Administration, which is adjacent to the office of the Dean of Libraries, serves as the administrative office for the Libraries. It handles:

  • Human resource functions.
  • Time and leave reporting for all library employees.
  • Student assistant hiring.
  • Employee travel.
  • The Libraries’ The Study.
  • Purchasing of all supplies, equipment and services for the Libraries.
  • Budget oversight for the Libraries.
  • Administers the Graduate Library Assistant program.



Kristi Burns

Program Project Coordinator

(940) 565-2697

Leslie Gatson

Sr Administrative Specialist

(940) 565-2697


Mary Howard

The Study Manager

(940) 369-7451

A.K. Khan

Academic Financial Officer

(940) 369-8165


Pamela Moore

Administrative Coordinator

(940) 565-2697

Shaureece Park

Director, Library Administrative Services

(940) 565-3269


Sue Wood

Personnel Coordinator

(940) 565-3025

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