Willis Library: Third Floor

Noise Level: Collaborative

This area is designated for groups to gather and work together with consideration for others. Expect to hear conversations, group activity, and limited cell phone usage.

About This Space

Stop by the third floor to enjoy comfortable casual seating, individual study desks, study tables, and computer workstations.

people sitting in casual seating area reading

people sitting at study tables and chairs

man sitting with an open book in his lap

woman sitting at a table looking at her laptop

The third floor can get a little crowded during peak hours of the day, but it is typically a pretty quiet floor. Need something even more quiet? The lower level is our designated “quiet” floor.

Amenities & Collections

Collections located on this floor are:

Subject locations are listed on the Find It! Sign. For specific information about the location of an item, visit the Library Catalog or the Willis Library Services Desk. If you need help locating an item in the stacks, a shelver may be available to assist you.

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book stacks with book subject pop up floor banner

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woman standing in the book stacks looking at an open book

Rooms for Classes and Libraries’ Staff Meetings

Additional Information

  • We have a scanner and community workstations available on this floor.

scanner on a table

computer workstations

Regular Hours

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Third Floor

Public Spaces / Study Rooms

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Third Floor Map of Willis Library
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