Sycamore Library: First Floor

Sycamore First Floor
Noise Level: Moderate

This area has both quiet and noisy times depending on the time of day and year. Expect ambient noise from surrounding areas.

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Sycamore First Floor is the ideal place on campus to study in groups featuring multiple whiteboards, movable furniture and two study rooms to practice presentations and more.

Location: [Sycamore Library, Sycamore Hall][]

What Can You Do at the Sycamore First Floor?

The Sycamore First Floor in the Sycamore Library offers a combination of hardware setups including DELL Windows workstations, Apple MacOS workstations and Dell laptops as well as group study areas with movable whiteboards and furniture.

Sycamore First Floor Study Rooms

Located in the Sycamore Library at Sycamore Hall, [Sycamore First Floor 110a][110a] and [110b][] are small classrooms used for presentations and group study. Faculty, staff, and students can reserve these classrooms.

  • Seats: 14
  • Amenities: Presenter station, Mobile seating
  • Technology: PC, Projector, HDMI/VGA, Microphone, Mouse/Keyboard
  • [Space Reservations][]

Sycamore First Floor Hardware

  • PCs: 19 workstations (2 community workstations, 1 microform scanner)
  • Macs: 4 workstations
  • 9 Dell laptops available for 24-hour checkout
  • Calculators, phone chargers and headphones
  • Scanners, copier and printers
  • 2 light tables

Sycamore First Floor Software

For a complete listing of software, please see the [Software List][].

[study rooms]: [110a]: /sycamore/110a/ [Sycamore Library, Sycamore Hall]: /sycamore/ [110b]: /sycamore/110b/ [Space Reservations]: [Software List]:

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