On & Off Campus Access

Accessing online electronic resources via the campus network, at home, or using our wireless networks.

Electronic Databases provided by UNT Libraries can be accessed by any UNT student, faculty, or staff member from virtually any computer in the world.

Campus Access

Connecting to Electronic Databases on any of the UNT Campuses (Denton, Discovery Park, Health Science, or Dallas) is available via:

  • UNT Campus: Any wired computer in the libraries or on campus.
  • UNT Wireless Network: Access the campus wireless network. (Requires EUID/Password Authentication, See Below)

Off-Campus & Wireless Access

Most subscription based Electronic Databases will require you to login with your EUID and password.

Firewall Information

The UNT Libraries use a transparent URL rewriting proxy server to connect to databases, e-Journals, and other electronic media.

A user name and password are necessary to gain access to most databases, e-Journals, and other electronic media. A UNT Internet Services Account is assigned to every student, staff and faculty member and must be activated before you can use these resources.

Proxy Button

During the course of normal web searching/browsing (while off campus), you may encounter an article or other resource that is of research interest to you but find that it is behind a pay-wall. You can often pass its URL through our proxy servers and get access to it. On the databases tab of our home page we offer a bookmarklet that can be dragged/dropped to your desktop computer’s bookmarks toolbar which simplifies this process.

Once installed, simply click it when you are off campus but not yet authenticated and encounter a resource you want. You’ll be prompted to log in and we’ll attempt to get you access.

This tool works in Chrome and Firefox only, and is not guaranteed to get you access to any/all articles you may find.

Firewall Ports

If you access the Internet through a high speed solution other than a dial-up or modem connection, you may be behind a firewall. Please tell your network administrator to configure the firewall to allow ports 2048 through 9999 to connect to server IP address Microsoft RDP clients use port 3389 for server IP address

Access after graduation, termination or retirement:

If you are a student currently enrolled, you will have access to the electronic resources throughout your enrollment. After graduation, you will no longer have access.

Alumni no longer have access due to contractual agreements with the resource vendors. Alumni who are working with or for the university can have access granted for the duration of their work. This may require requesting a special login through the department head with which the alumni is working.

Terminated UNT employees will lose their access beginning on their termination date.

UNT retirees who are having problems with their access should email the Library Help Desk or call (940) 565-3024.

See Also: UNT Computer Use Policy (14.003).

Resources that Require Special Software

For a small group of products that are loaded on CD-ROMs, you must use a downloadable helper program. Individual resources will list this requirement in their descriptions.


If you have problems accessing Electronic Databases try the following:

  • Verify your EUID and Password are correct.
  • Check for any limits on number of “Simultaneous Users,” or other notes about outages, etc.
  • Attempt access through the Campus VPN.
  • Use our Ask Us service for help.
  • Report a problem via e-mail.

Logging Out

Some subscription systems have a limited number of “simultaneous users” or have other unusual internal logging out requirements. Because of this:

  • Whenever you finish using an electronic product, look for a “log out” or “log off” button, typically on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on it to exit. This frees up the product so others can use it.

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