Library Use

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


The Library Use Policy includes information about building use, identification, tobacco, animals, bicycles, food & drinks, noise, library tours, orientation, instruction, and classroom reservations.

Primary Clientele & Building Use

  • The Libraries’ primary clientele are students, faculty, and staff of the University of North Texas.
  • Courtesy privileges are uniformly extended to other patrons with some restrictions in order to provide appropriate service to those who have an official connection to UNT.
  • Additionally, the federal and state depository collections are available to the general public.
  • The Dean of Libraries supervises the designation of the University Libraries’ buildings and spaces for public use, determining where patrons may study or access library resources.

Material Use & Identification

  • Library materials may be used by any individual in accordance with library-established guidelines for each area or building.
  • Only persons with appropriate identification are authorized to check out materials.
  • ID cards are non-transferable and may not be used by other individuals.
  • With cause, library staff members are authorized to request identification from patrons. Patrons unwilling to provide proper identification may be requested to leave the premises once the University Police have been notified.
  • Library staff on duty must report immediately to the University Police any situation they cannot handle.
  • Patrons equipped with electronic devices are not to disturb other patrons.
  • Cell phones and pagers should be turned off or set to silent.
  • Headphones should be used with any media device.
  • Laptops should be plugged into outlets available in the furniture; otherwise, the cords become hazardous to the walkways. Safety of other library users and proper maintenance of the equipment must be considered.

Tobacco, Animals, & Bicycles

Food & Drinks

Drinks are allowed in all areas of Library buildings except for those excluded locations listed below. All beverages must be in a spill-proof container; i.e. cups with lids, bottles with twist off caps, sports bottles, or travel mugs.


No Drinks are allowed in the following locations:


Food is allowed in all areas of Library buildings except for those excluded locations listed below. The Library staff reserve the right to ask anyone to stop eating if they have received complaints. Anyone refusing to put or throw away their food will be asked to leave the library. Patrons must leave no trace of any food they opt to bring into the Library, according to the following guidelines:

  1. Plan ahead and prepare: Meals should be eaten before coming to the Library. Avoid bringing messy, greasy, pungent-smelling, or noisy snacks that may damage library material or facilities and that may be distracting to others.
  2. Properly dispose of waste: Any leftover food or utensils brought into the library must be packed up or disposed of. Place recyclables in recycling bins and non-recyclable garbage into trash cans. Leftover liquid in a disposable container should be poured down a bathroom sink before the container is recycled or thrown away.
  3. Clean up: Library resources, furnishings, and equipment should be left in the same or better condition than their initial state. Report accidental spills to library staff as soon as possible and clean up immediately. Paper towels are located in the restrooms. To report a spill, call (940) 565-3024, e-mail, or tell someone at a service desk.
  4. Consider others: Respect fellow library users and the next generation of library users.
  5. Damages: Users are responsible for any damage to library property & equipment caused by food or drink.


No food is allowed in the following locations:


Library patrons should be considerate of others at all times. All public areas within the Libraries permit normal conversational noise levels, except the Willis Library Lower Level, designated for quiet study. Library staff reserve the right to ask patrons or groups to lower noise levels to ensure the comfort of others working around them. Non-cooperative groups will be asked to lower their noise or leave the premises. Loud, disruptive behavior is unacceptable.

Outreach, Tours, Orientation, and Instruction

Library Outreach: Programs, Events, and Exhibits

Goal of Outreach

Library programs, events and exhibits are developed by library staff and librarians with colleagues in the Libraries, University units, or community partners to promote library services and collections in support of the mission of the Libraries.


  • UNT Students
  • UNT Faculty
  • UNT Staff
  • UNT Guests and Community Members

Requests for Collaboration

Requests to partner with the library on outreach activities can be made by emailing Requests should include the name of the individual or department proposing the collaboration, the goal of the outreach, the intended audience, the proposed date and location of the activity, and the ways the requestor would like the library to be involved.

Requests for Reconsideration

Requests for the library to reconsider a scheduled program, event, or exhibit can be made by filling out the Reconsideration of Program, Event, or Exhibit Form. A library representative will follow up with the individual who filled out the form within two business days.

Requests to Tour the Libraries

Library tours for groups external to the University are guided, general overviews of the services, facilities, and resources available through the University of North Texas Libraries.

External groups may request library tours through the UNT Libraries’ External Relations Office (940) 369-8740 The External Relations Office schedules tours with the appropriate library departments.

Suggested guidelines for scheduling external group tours:

  1. External groups must be accompanied by either a librarian or teacher and have one chaperone for every ten students.
  2. External groups must provide a minimum of two weeks prior notice.

Requests to Tour a Single Department

For tours of a single library department, please contact the head of that department directly.

Library Orientations

Library orientations are activities that provide a general overview for internal groups as to the services, facilities, and resources available through the University of North Texas Libraries.


Library orientations are available to:

  • UNT students.
  • UNT Faculty.
  • UNT Staff.


Groups may request library orientations through the UNT Libraries’ External Relations Office. The External Relations Office schedules the orientation with the appropriate library departments.

LIbrary Instruction

Library instruction involves in-depth training in the effective use of the services, facilities, and resources available through the University of North Texas Libraries. The ultimate goal of library instruction is to promote and foster individual information literacy skills for effective lifelong learning.

Available To

Library instruction is available to students, faculty, and staff of the University of North Texas. Under special circumstances, library instruction for groups external to UNT may be available.


Instructional requests should be provided by groups at least two weeks in advance. The representative requesting instruction for a group is required to attend the library instruction session with the group.

Internal instructors may request library instruction through the library department that will be providing the instruction. Each library department is responsible for their own library instruction scheduling.


Each library department is responsible for reporting monthly library instruction activity to the Research and Instructional Services (RIS) Department using the Library Instruction Statistics Log and scheduling the instruction session using Outlook.

Class & Meeting Room Reservations

  • Class and meeting rooms located within the Libraries are reserved for Library instruction. Library staff may reserve a room through the Outlook Calendar.
  • Students may reserve study rooms using the online reservation tool.

Requests for room reservations for other than library instruction must be submitted through the Library Facilities and Systems office,


  • Approved: 06/25/12
  • Revised: 08/09/23

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