Discovery Park Library: The Nest (Room: B135)

Noise Level: Collaborative

This area is designated for groups to gather and work together with consideration for others. Expect to hear conversations, group activity, and limited cell phone usage.

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About This Space

Discovery Park B135 is a collaborative and learning space for faculty, staff, and students. This room includes The Nest @ Discovery Park Library with six PCs, 1 console station, one VR station, and movable tables for individual study or group work. Students can reserve individual stations through the online reservation system.

  • Seats: 24 total
  • Amenities: Presenter station, Open/mobile seating and tables, whiteboard
  • Technology: Presenter PC, projector, 6 Dell Aurora VR-Capable gaming PCs, one PS4, and one HTC Vive Virtual Reality station


game stations

patron play a game

tables, chairs, and white-boards

game stations with tables and chairs

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