Library Annex: Reading Room

annex reading room
Noise Level: Quiet

This area designated for individual, quiet study with no cell phones, group work, loud music on headphones, or conversation.

More Info

Graduate students or faculty members who need access to long runs of periodicals or to a large series of volumes at one time should call the Willis Library Services Desk at (940) 565-2413 or e-mail Access Services to request use of the Annex Reading Room.


  • The volumes needed will be pulled and placed in the Reading Room for on site use by the requester.
  • Use of the room must be scheduled at least 24 hours or more in advance and is subject to availability.
  • If you need the materials for more than one day, please inform Access Services at the time of your initial request.
  • Maps and directions to the Library Annex will be given at the time the room is reserved.