Digital Projects Lab

person digitizing items with scanner
Digital Projects Lab : (940) 369-7809
FAX : (940) 369-8882
Digitizes, formats, and describes materials for inclusion in UNT's digital collections.

Find us in: Willis Library , Third Floor

Due to high demand of services and limited availability, expect delays in processing of requests from some units.

About Us

The Digital Projects Lab works with faculty, staff, and external partners to develop content for The Portal to Texas History, the UNT Digital Library, UNT Scholarly Works, and other digital initiatives.  We digitize, format, and describe materials for inclusion in these digital collections, and we continuously improve our metadata guidelines to provide optimum discovery and retrieval of information by users.



Hannah Tarver

Supervisor, Digital Projects

(940) 369-7809


Christina Kellum

Library Production Associate

(940) 369-7809


Marcia McIntosh

Digital Production Librarian

(940) 369-7809


Shannon Willis

Digital Projects Lab Manager

(940) 369-7809