Research Data Management

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We can help with managing research data.

What is It?

Managing research data is an integral part of the research process. Data management is the systematic organization and planning for data throughout the research cycle which includes:

  1. Collecting and processing data
  2. Analyzing data and publishing research results
  3. Planning for long-term access and storage

How Can it Help You?

Data management throughout the data life-cycle will not only help save you time, but it will help you:

  • Increase the impact of your research with data citation
  • Clearly document and provide evidence for your research in conjunction with published results
  • Comply with any copyright, access, and ethical considerations required for the data you create or use (such as HIPAA or FERPA)
  • Preserve data for long-term access and safeguard your investment from loss
  • Describe and share data with others to further new discoveries and research

Where do I begin?

To learn more about Data Management and find resources on developing a data management plan, see our Data Management Guide.