Data Repository Services

Overview of the UNT Scholarly Works and Data Repository.

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The UNT Libraries offer two digital repositories for managing, preserving, and providing access to your research data and research output: The UNT Data Repository and UNT Scholarly Works.

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UNT Data Repository

The UNT Data Repository is housed in the UNT Digital Library and serves as a central archive for the research data of our UNT scholars. We offer guidance and support for managing, sharing and preserving your research data. Datasets included in the UNT Data Repository can be linked to the scholarly output included in our UNT Scholarly Works repository, ensuring optimal findability and use of your research and scholarship. Please contact us for more information.

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UNT Scholarly Works

The UNT Scholarly Works repository is a special collection of items contributed by the UNT Community and hosted in the UNT Digital Library. This collection brings together articles, papers, presentations, books, chapters, reviews, academic posters, artwork, and other scholarly and creative works and makes them readily accessible to showcase UNTs research and creative achievements to a worldwide audience.

For more information, please visit our UNT Scholarly Works library website or contact us.