Author Resources

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The UNT Libraries provides resources for authors and editors of works of scholarship. Information specific to Aquiline Books is below.

  • Requesting permission: what you need to know to request permission to include another work within your work
  • Author checklist: If you follow these guidelines, editors and designers are likely to charge you less to edit or typeset your work.
  • Publishing agreements for Aquiline Books (​We will fill in your information in the document templates so that it fits in the blanks better; the PDFs here are just for your reference in advance of signing the contract.)
    • Publishing agreement for new works or for reprints: You give UNT permission to publish online but keep the copyright in the work. UNT agrees to publish it as long as you pay the publishing fee agreed to in the agreement and there’s nothing that would leave UNT liable for damages (like libelous content).
    • If you are editing a volume of works by others or collaborative work, you will need to have each contributor sign a Contribution Publication Agreement.
  • Questionnaire for Custom Cover Design for Aquiline Books: If you choose to pay for the Custom Cover Design service, you will need to fill out this questionnaire to help the graphic designer.
  • Reviewing your e-book files: If you choose to pay for the PDF Design & E-book Creation​ service, you will need to review e-book files created.