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Aquiline Books (formerly Eagle Editions) is an imprint of the UNT Libraries designed for works of scholarship, both new and reissued, from the UNT community. All publications from Aquiline Books are freely available to read online, and some are also available in print, as e-books, or both. See our growing collection of already published and select forthcoming books.

While publishers traditionally invest in a project up front and attempt to recover those costs through sales or subscriptions, the UNT Libraries keep their publishing services lean enough that you can afford to cover all the costs of publishing up front, freeing everyone from the constraints of business models that attempt to recover the publisher’s investment through sales. You keep your copyright, and if you wish to make print or e-book versions available for sale, the royalty rate on these is usually greater than with a conventional publisher that needs to recover costs. Meanwhile, the UNT Libraries take care of the free online version of your book, providing detailed usage statistics and ensuring that it’s discoverable and preserved as part of the UNT Digital Library.

The cost to publish varies by project and depends largely on which services you desire. Limited subventions (grants to be used toward fees) are available. Instead of selling print or e-book versions for you, the Libraries suggest printing and distribution options and e-book distribution channels with which you can make arrangements directly. We also have resources to help our authors through the process of collaborating with the UNT Libraries.

We are happy to discuss potential projects with you and help you think about alternatives to conventional publishing, including for primarily non-textual works for which the Aquiline Books menu of services is not appropriate. We welcome and give priority to projects that give voice to marginalized individuals and communities.Please contact us.