Author checklist

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When preparing a manuscript for publication with Aquiline Books, there are things you can do to reduce costs for the people involved in producing your publication: editing it and preparing for publication in print, online platforms, e-book formats, or some combination. Below is a checklist to help. It assumes use of a word processor like Microsoft Word, though other starting points, such as LaTeX, are options with Aquiline Books.

  1. _____ If the manuscript is made up of multiple files, add numbers to the front of the filenames (“1. “, “2. “, etc.) to remove any ambiguity about the order of the components.

  2. _____ Use “styles” in your word processor rather than manually formatting (font size, bold, centering, all caps, etc.). For many books, you will be able to save on the cost of the PDF Design and E-Book Creation service if you use the SAI Lite.

  3. _____ Instead of embedding illustrations in your word-processor documents, include a placeholder (such as “[figure 1 here]”) and provide a scan of the physical medium (see Guidelines for Submitting Illustration) or the original digital image in a separate file. Name image files in a way that corresponds to the placeholder. It is not essential that the images appear in sequential order within the document; an editor can fix this for you. But it is essential that we know which image you’re referring to! For any images that need to be cropped, include instructions on doing so, possibly with a sample cropping of your own in addition to the original image.

  4. _____ For any images or other works that you are reproducing in whole or in part in your manuscript, check with us on whether you need to get permission from the rightsholder to include the work. If so, seek permission and provide evidence of the permission granted.

  5. _____ For edited volumes and other collective works, work with us to develop a Contribution Publication Agreement for your publication, and submit a signed agreement from each contributor.