About Preservation

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We send 600 items to the commercial bindery during each 3-week cycle. These are primarily periodicals, and music scores, although monographs are also sent to the bindery on occasion. The Binding Unit can bind materials for other departments on campus.

In-house binding is performed by staff in the Access and Preservation Unit and includes velo-binding, pamphlet binding, hand-sewn binding, and recasing.

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Processing is done as items are received from Technical Services, the bindery, or the preservation lab. Processing materials can include applying call numbers, assigning barcodes, property stamping, inserting security strips, creating pockets for loose supplements, and executing minor repairs.


Repair activities include rebacks, recases, sewing, double-fan adhesive binding, page repair, and hinge tightening.

Stabilization and storage activities include deacidification, encapsulation, pamphlet binding, and the creation of custom enclosures such as light-weight boxes, phase boxes, and clamshell cases.

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