Special Collections: Our Collections

Dorothy Howard Collection

Dorothy Howard, author on children’s games and folklore, graduated from NTSTC in 1923 and taught in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Nebraska. She published extensively, including poetry, articles and books (Dorothy’s World: Childhood in Sabine Bottom, 1902-1910, (1977), and Pedro of Tonalá (1989)).

NBC 5/KXAS (WBAP) Television News Collection

UNT Libraries house the complete news archive of NBC 5/KXAS (formerly WBAP), the oldest television news station in Texas. The archive contains historic broadcast footage, scripts, advertisements, still photography and research files dating from 1950 through 2012. Film and video in the archive remain in its original physical format, such as 16mm film and obsolete video formats such as UMATIC tape, making it difficult to view and preserve.

Latino/a Collections

Latino and Mexican-American students have a long history of accomplishment at UNT. It is imperative that this history be collected, preserved, and made available to the current generation of scholars, activists, and historians. We seek to actively collect, preserve, and provide access to these historical materials that document the Latino/a community in North Texas and give face to Latino/a student history, leadership, and activism at UNT.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Archive

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Archive aT UNT is a repository for records documenting the history and culture of the LGBTQ communities in the South and the Southwest. This major collecting initiative documents  people, places, and events through primary source materials, including letters, photographs, newspapers and magazines, scrapbooks, diaries, audio-visual materials, organizational records, posters, flyers and objects.


Microforms are materials that contain micro-reproductions of documents that are commonly reduced to 1/25th of the original document size. This allow a vast amount of information to be stored in a small space. They come in several formats; microfilm which is film printed on a reel, microfiche which is film printed on flat sheets, and microcard which is printed on paper similar to an index card.

The UNT Libraries owns well over two million microforms in a wide variety of subject areas.

Miniature Book Collection

Miniature books are defined as those books under 4” (3” in some places) in height. Books in small sizes have been produced since antiquity, and continue to be produced to this day. They are all “real” books, with pages, printing, illustrations, etc. —just very small.

Oral History Collection

Oral histories fill in the gaps in the written record by preserving the memories of individuals who have been eye-witnesses to, or participants in, historic events. The UNT collection consists of approximately 1,700 bound volumes of interviews. The transcripts were generated by the UNT Oral History Program in the university’s History Department and the UNT College of Business Administration.

Photography and Visual Materials Collections

Visual representation forms an important part of many academic disciplines including art, anthropology, history and cultural studies.  The Photography and Visual Materials Collection documents the history of photography and visual representation through the works of both traditional and vernacular artists. The collection includes fine art photography, studio and commercial work, specimens of early photography and other types of visual art such as paintings, posters, illustrations, sculpture and folk art.

Texana Collections

Early explorer accounts, the history of Dr. Pepper, signed documents by Sam Houston and Santa Anna, laws and decrees, biographies, memoirs, and archives of artists and authors are all part of the Texana Collections.

The Black Academy of Arts of Letters

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters (TBAAL) Collection comprises 247 boxes of archival documents, video and photographs documenting the history and activities of the Dallas-based arts organization. TBAAL was founded in 1977 by Curtis King as on outgrowth of the New York City based, Black Academy of Arts and Letters, with a mission to create and enhance an awareness and understanding of artistic, cultural and aesthetic differences utilizing the framework of African, African-American and Caribbean Arts and Letter

TXSSAR Archives

The TXSSAR Archives includes more than 105 linear feet of materials, including newsletters, official records, photographs and scrap books documenting the activities of the Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

University Archive

The University Archive collects, preserves, and makes available official and historical records of the University of North Texas. This includes photographs, university publications, institutional records from departments on campus, University Presidents’ papers, faculty papers, yearbooks, artifacts, and other materials of enduring value from the founding of the college through present day.

Vann Collection of Victorian Literature

Special Collections has important holdings in Victorian Literature, 19th century British fiction, poetry and relevant periodicals. Much of the collection has been donated by Emeritus Professor J. Don Vann and his wife Dolores.

Highlights of the collection include a first edition of A Christmas Carol, the periodical All the Year Round which contains the first serialization of A Tale of Two Cities, and other serialized first editions including Our Mutual Friend, Bleak House and David Copperfield.

Byrd Williams Family Photography Collection

Four generations of photographers – all named Byrd Williams – documented more than 100 years of North Texas history with their work. Now, UNT Libraries has acquired their collection, consisting of over 10,000 prints and 300,000 negatives. The materials include commercial and studio photography, western landscapes, documentary studies, and fine art photography. Family correspondence, artifacts, and a collection of cameras were also donated by Byrd Williams IV.

Pat Warde Memorial Collection of Southern Letters

Pat Warde was an integral part of the intellectual and political life of UNT and the entire Denton community. In memory of his wife’s love of literature and her dedication to the best ideals incorporated in the great literature of the South, Bill Warde established the Pat Warde Memorial Collection of Southern Letters for the UNT Library in 1992.