Oral History Collection

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About the Collection

Oral histories fill in the gaps in the written record by preserving the memories of individual eye-witnesses to, or participants in, historic events. The UNT Oral History Collection consists of nearly 2,000 bound volumes of interviews. The transcripts were generated by the UNT Oral History Program in the UNT History Department and the UNT College of Business Administration.

Some of the subjects covered in these oral histories include:

  • Texas politics and politicians
  • Local African American history
  • Entrepreneurial history
  • The Holocaust
  • The New Deal
  • Women’s history
  • Community history
  • World War II

The Oral History Program has made an index of the Oral History Collections where users can browse or search by topic or name. This index includes their own interviews as well as those created by the UNT College of Business Administration. You can also search for oral histories in the Library Catalog using the “OH #” or the term “oral history” and a keyword.

Additional oral histories may be found in these collections: