Environmental and Urban Studies

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About the Collection

Environmental and Urban Studies in a growing area of collection development which encompasses science, geography, ecology, conservation, resource management and policy making.

J. Baird Callicott Papers, 1963-2010

Callicott was instrumental in developing the field of environmental philosophy and taught the world’s first course in environmental ethics in 1971. Callicott taught at the University of North Texas from 1995 to his retirement in May 2015.

Denton Fracking Referendum Collection. 2014

This collection covers events and activism leading up to Denton's November 2014 vote to ban hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as "fracking."

Edwin (Lanny) Hall Collection, 1952-1985

This collection contains records from Lanny Hall’s term in the Texas House of Representatives during the Sixty-sixth, Sixty-seventh and Sixty-eighth Legislature (1979-1984) for District 91 (Tarrant County).

Tom Harpool Papers, 1942-2008

Harpool helped organize the Upper Trinity Regional Water Supply District and is credited with helping Denton move from well water to surface water through the construction of Lake Ray Roberts.

Model Cities Program Records, 1966-1975

The records of the Model Cities Program detail the establishment and development of the federal program in the Southwest region. Included in these papers are examinations of the programs in sixteen of the selected cities in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

North Central Texas Council of Governments Planning Group Records, 1967-1980

The collection contains records from North Central Texas Council of Government Planning Group, established in 1966, and was intended to aide local governments to improve their means to serve their citizens by identifying and outlining regional issues, problems and opportunities, setting priorities and creating policies, plans and programs to deal with them and by achieving effective action on area wide matters through coordination, communication and cooperation.

Southwest Federal Regional Council Records, 1964-1984

This collection contains records from Southwest Federal Regional Council which was established by President Richard Nixon in 1972. The Council's purpose was to create interagency communications and strengthen relations between federal, state, and local governments. The Southwest Federal Regional Council Collection includes documents detailing the dozens of urban programs that were initiated across the southwest region

Joseph Kean Gwynn Silvey Papers, 1941-1975

Dr. J.K.G. Silvey joined the faculty of North Texas State Teachers College in 1935. He established a nationally and internationally recognized water research program, and, in 1970, founded the Center for Environmental Studies, which became the Institute of Applied Sciences in 1973.