Fines Assessment Policy

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


The Fines Assessment Policy of the UNT Libraries describes when fines and fees are assessed and patron is blocked.


  1. Library Patron: an individual who is eligible to use the UNT Libraries.
  2. Regular Circulating Materials: library materials that can be circulated regularly such as books, music scores, government documents, Curriculum Material Collection (CMC) items.
  3. Overdue: an item that is checked out to a library patron and it is passed the due date.
  4. Billed: an item is billed when it has been overdue for a period of time.


A courtesy notice is sent through email three days before the due date of regular circulating materials. At least three overdue notices are sent through email before an item is billed. Library patrons are responsible for all library materials checked out to their account and for any fines incurred whether or not they receive a notice.

Fines And Fees

Fines and fees are assessed for:


Library patrons may be blocked for having billed or lost items, or other financial obligations to the UNT Libraries. There are two types of blocks:

  • Library block: patron is blocked from checking out or renewing library materials
  • University block: patron is blocked from receiving an official transcript

Individuals who fail to return or renew materials by the due date or owe fines of $50 or more may be blocked with the library until the block is cleared with the Library Services Desk in Willis Library. Patrons are blocked with the university when they are billed for an item or owe Interlibrary loan or Texshare fees.


Any library material may be billed if it has been lost or overdue for a period of time. The billing periods vary based on the type of material and library patron. A replacement bill will be emailed to the library patron. Billed materials are not renewable. Once an item is billed, it must be returned to the Libraries or the lost item charges be paid for the patron blocks to be removed.

Disputing Fines Or Fees

Patrons have the option of appealing library fines by filling out a Fine Dispute Form online. All requests are reviewed within 5 business days. The decision for whether or not fines are adjusted or waived will be emailed to the library patron.

To appeal other library fees, including lost item or damaged item fees, patrons may contact the library in person, over the phone, or via email. All requests will receive a response within 5 business days. The decision for whether or not fees are adjusted or waived will be emailed to the library patron.

Paying Fines

Patrons have several payment options. Visit paying fines page to see all payment options.


Library patrons who willfully damage, destroy, or steal library property may be subject to university disciplinary action, resulting in possible loss of privileges, replacement fees, probation, suspension, or further action. Theft of library books or other property is a criminal offense.


  • Approved: 06/01/12
  • Revised: 04/17/20, 08/26/21

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