Damaged Item Charges

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


Basic information about fines and fees related to damaged items.

Abuse of Materials

All cases of flagrant abuse of library materials, property, or the willful disregard of library regulations pertaining to the use of library materials will be referred to the Assistant Dean for Public Services. The Libraries may exercise any of the following options:

  • The individual may be required to make restitution for the material or property (see below).
  • The individual may be referred to the Dean of Students Office.
  • The Libraries may refuse to allow the individual to check out materials.
  • The Libraries may refuse to allow the individual to enter the Libraries’ buildings.

Damage to Library Materials Includes, But Is Not Limited To:

  • Spills from food and drink or other substances.
  • Damage to the cover or spine.
  • Cutting, tearing, or dog-earing pages.
  • Writing on the pages with pencil, pen, or other markers.

Materials That Are Returned Damaged But Salvageable:

  • You will be billed $15.00 for mending/rebinding.

Materials That Are Returned Damaged And Not Salvageable:

  • You will be billed for a flat fee of $100.00 per item.
  • Alternately, you may supply a replacement copy and pay a processing fee of $10.00. The replacement copy should be the same edition or newer, be in good condition, and not be a copy that once belonged to another library.
  • In some instances, all or a portion of the fines due.

Writing In or Marking the Pages of Library Books:

  • You will be charged $10.00 per item.
  • If the book is not usable due to the number of pages marked, or due to additional damage, the full Lost items fee will be charged.


  • Approved: 06/03/12
  • Revised: 01/11/17
  • Revised: 09/06/17

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