UNT Special Collections 2023 Research Fellowship Awardee - Stéphane Audard

UNT Special Collections 2023 Research Fellowship Awardee

Project Title

History of Jazz Education: Pedagogical, Theoretical, and Musical Issues

Project Description

The time period that Stéphane Audard is studying extends from the establishment of jazz education at North Texas State Teachers College to the late 1960s. His work focuses mainly on Gene Hall and Leon Breeden, who are the two major figures of this period. The issues he is studying are: the establishment of the curriculum, the place of jazz and its legitimization in the institution, the influence of the orchestras at the local and national level, and the relations with the high school stage bands.


Stéphane Audard, jazz guitarist, has recorded with Michel Legrand. He teaches at the Paris Conservatory and directs the Sorbonne Big Band. He is currently a doctoral student at Sorbonne University under the direction of Laurent Cugny. He is an associate researcher at the musicology laboratory (Iremus) of the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS).