UNT Special Collections 2023 Research Fellowship Awardee - Anna Chotlos

UNT Special Collections 2023 Research Fellowship Awardee

Project Title

Creative writings which focus on formally-inventive nonfiction, tradition and reinvention in poetry, and the use of artifacts and images in personal essays and memoir.

Project Description

Anna Chotlos’ project examines the possibilities of images and artifacts in essays. She will explore the library’s collection of artist’s books and the James Flowers Collection of Ephemera Found in Returned Library Books to write an essay about coincidence, memory, what makes something important enough to keep, and what our objects and notes, especially the things we discard or lose, say about who we are.


Anna Chotlos’s essays and poems have recently appeared in Split Lip, Hotel Amerika, Sweet Lit, and River Teeth’s Beautiful Things. She holds an MA from Ohio University and now teaches and writes in Denton, Texas where she is pursuing a PhD in creative writing at the University of North Texas.