UNT Special Collections 2022 Research Fellowship Awardee - Dr. Claire Wolnisty

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UNT Special Collections 2022 Research Fellowship Awardee

Project Title

Texas Trade: The International Slave Trade in the Western Hemisphere

Project Description

Texas Trade studies the pervasiveness of the international slave trade through Texas from the 1820s through the 1860s. This monograph problematizes the ahistorical teleology of Manifest Destiny, explores the international and transnational aspects of slavery in Texas, and employs the international slave trade as a thread of continuity across multiple time periods.


Dr. Claire Wolnisty is an Assistant Professor of early United States history at Austin College. Her research interests include nineteenth-century transnational history, the US Civil War, Texas, slavery, and gender. Her projects include her first book, A Different Manifest Destiny, and work on the Council of Independent Colleges’ Legacies of American Slavery grant. Dr. Wolnisty’s classes include Texas history, Pirates and Smugglers, the US Civil War and Reconstruction, and Early Nineteenth-Century US history.