The UNT Special Collections 2019 Research Fellowship Awardee - Niloofar Gholamrezaei

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The University of North Texas Libraries invite applications for the 2020 UNT Special Collections Research Fellowship. Research in special collections is relevant to studies in a variety of disciplines including history, journalism, political science, geography, fine art, art history and American studies. We encourage applicants to think creatively about new uses for special collections. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate the greatest potential for publication and the best use of special collections at UNT Libraries.

The UNT Special Collections 2019 Research Fellowship Awardee

Niloofar Gholamrezaei

Project Title

World War I and Representation: A Cross-cultural Comparison of the British Soldier’s Poetry and Der Krieg by Otto Dix

Project Description

This project will focus on the representation of World War I through a comparative and interdisciplinary analysis of the Donald Thomas WWI Poetry Collection and Otto Dix’s representation of Great War during 1923-1924 in his series of prints, Der Krieg, or the War Cycle. This research will examine the antiwar aesthetic of Otto Dix’s prints and the British soldiers’ poetries, their different modes of representation, and differing political and aesthetic positionalities.


Niloofar Gholamrezaei is a PhD student in Fine Arts: Critical Studies and Artistic Practice at Texas Tech University. Her dissertation is a cross-cultural investigation of two painters of the twentieth century, Otto Dix (1891-1969 Germany) and Kamal-Al-Molk (or Mohammad Ghaffari, 1848-1940, Iran). In addition to research, she spends time perusing her artistic practice in painting and animation.