Portal Model 1 Project Steps

In this model, you are responsible for providing information about your collection, and preparing and shipping your materials. We scan your items, create metadata, and process, upload, and digitally preserve your final content.

Steps for completing your project:

Before the project begins

Prepare your collection for digitization

  • Assign unique identifiers
  • Complete an item-level inventory and prepare the packing lists, using the form(s) appropriate for your project:
    • Packing List for Books Word | PDF
    • Packing List for Serials Word | PDF
    • Packing List for Other Items Word | PDF

Tell us more about your collection

Prepare your materials for delivery

  • Pack your materials according to the packing and shipping instructions.
  • Label your boxes consistently using the Box Labels Form Word | PDF
    • Hint: The box numbers on the labels should match the box numbers on the packing list
  • Ship or deliver your materials to the Digital Projects Lab by the agreed upon date

View these steps as a printable checklist: Word | PDF

Our Responsibilities to You

When your materials reach the Digital Projects Lab, we will:

  • Confirm delivery of shipped materials
  • Check shipments against packing lists and communicate any discrepancies to you
  • Evaluate condition of your materials for scanning and communicate any problems to you
  • Scan items and create metadata for them
  • Complete upload of files to the Portal
  • Send you status updates as requested
  • Notify you of project completion

After your project is completed, we will:

  • Send you copies of your digital images. Note: If your content files exceed 15 gigabytes, you will need to provide us with a USB 2.0 portable hard drive on which to ship your images
  • Notify you when your collection is available in the Portal
  • Invoice you for cost recovery (if applicable)
  • Re-inventory and pack your materials
  • Ship your materials or notify you that they are ready for pick-up