Packing and Shipping Instructions

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, please take the time to prepare your materials in advance. Receiving materials that are well organized and labeled will enable us to do a quality job of scanning and processing your collection. If we receive a collection that is disorganized and without labels, it will take us more time to sort and process the materials, and as a result we may have to charge for the extra labor involved. Below are some guidelines for preparing and packing your materials. If you have any questions please contact Jake Mangum or phone (940-565-3023).

Preparation and Packing

Organize Items

  • Place any photographs in folders or protective sleeves.
  • Sort and organize your materials into a logical order.
    • It is often easiest to place the materials in numerical order by their unique identifiers.
  • Divide the materials and place them in boxes with secure lids.

Identify Items and Boxes

  • Assign each box in the shipment a number and then use the Box Label Form Word | PDF to clearly label the outside of each box.
  • Complete an item-level inventory and prepare the packing lists using the appropriate form(s).
    • Be sure to complete the entire packing list (both a shipping list and an itemized list).
    • List items in the same order they appear in the boxes.
    • Instructions and examples are included on the packing list form(s).
      • Packing List for Books Word | PDF
      • Packing List for Serials Word | PDF
      • Packing List for Other Items Word | PDF
  • Additional information is available in the Preparing and Packing Your Items section of the FAQ.

Prepare Your Materials for Delivery

  • Place a printed copy of the packing lists in box 1 of your shipment.
  • Ensure that all materials are protected with appropriate packing materials to keep them from shifting or bending during transfer.
  • Make sure all boxes have secure lids.


If you want to deliver your materials to the lab in person, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Jake Mangum to set up an appointment and get directions to the Digital Projects Lab on the UNT campus.
  2. Bring your materials to the Digital Projects Lab, Willis Library Room 370.

If you want to ship your materials, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Jake Mangum to calendar your project.
  2. Tell us the amount of insurance you require for return of your materials.
  3. Ship your materials.
    • Note: You are responsible for any shipping charges.

For U.S. Postal Service shipments, use this address:

Jake Mangum, Digital Projects Unit
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #305190
Denton, Texas 76203-5017

For commercial shipping services such as FedEx or UPS, use this address:

Jake Mangum, Digital Projects Unit
University of North Texas
Willis Library
1506 Highland Avenue
Denton, TX 76203