Strategic Directions


The UNT University Library is a top-tier, user-centered academic library; because of this, these Strategic Directions, written within the framework of the UNT Strategic Plan, are underpinned by two overarching concepts: (1) having a welcoming and affirming culture and (2) radical collaboration. We believe they must be reflected in every aspect of our work by weaving them into the foundation of these Strategic Directions.

We define a welcoming and affirming culture as being open, accessible, and encouraging to all. We also commit to incorporating the American Library Association’s “Core Values of Librarianship,” (Access, Equity, Intellectual Freedom and Privacy, Public Good, and Sustainability) as they relate to all library work including personnel, resources, collections, description, services, and spaces. We define radical collaboration as reaching out across the library, across the campus, and across our community to find new and innovative ways to work together and create new things.

Student Empowerment and Transformation

The University Libraries will create physical and virtual environments that provide students with the resources they need to achieve success in their university experiences, as well as empower them for lifelong learning. We will provide accessible environments that support and enhance academic life. Our efforts will expand information, digital, and data literacy skills through curated collections, teaching, and research support.

Outreach activities, programming, and events will foster innovation and student self-discovery through engagement with librarians, staff, and student employees in collaborative and experiential learning spaces. Our spaces will enable students to create, share ideas, and work together to learn new skills and technologies. We will provide employment opportunities that empower students to develop competencies that can be carried forward into future career paths.

Scholarly Activity and Innovation

With a commitment to supporting users in every stage of the research lifecycle, the University Libraries will connect scholars with resources at the point of need by developing a user-centered, content-rich environment for resource discovery. This includes developing rich physical and digital collections, services that meet the needs of a top-tier research university, user education for interacting with and evaluating information sources, and fast and convenient access and delivery services.

To assist our faculty and students to be nationally competitive in their scholarly endeavors, we will extend UNT’s impact through strategies that embrace sustainable and equitable models of discovery and access to the scholarly record.

People and Processes

On a user-centered campus that values faculty, staff, and student development, the University Libraries will embrace a people-first philosophy that enhances the library employee experience. This includes a focus on a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture, appropriate resources, retention and recruitment of talented employees, and useful physical spaces.

We will encourage collaborative decision-making, employee engagement, and organizational excellence. This will be done through the development of a robust infrastructure, fiscal responsibility, transparency, agility, and creativity.