Metadata Input Guidelines: Relation

Element Name



Information about another resource that is related to the current resource.

Where Can the Relation Information be Found?

  • Relation information provides a reference to a related resource which may be found on:
    • a title page
    • accompanying or supplementary information

How Relation Works in the Metadata Form

1. Relation type – drop-down menu
2. Relation – text field
Yes - to include multiple relationships, click ‘Add’ to repeat all field parts

How Should the Relation Information be Filled in?

  • Enter information about known relationships in the records for both items
  • It is not necessary to do research to find related resources
  • If the relationship is unclear, uncertain, or otherwise questionable, the information may be entered into a display [note][] or [non-display note][] instead
Guideline Example
  • Include the title of the related material
Experiment Station Record Volume 61
  • Include a unique identifier or additional information if it is important to identify the item
    • If one item has multiple identifiers (e.g. a photograph with two images, each with a separate identifier), both can be included together
81-01796a-20_02 and 81-01796b-20_02
  • Include the permalink to the record of the related item
    • Since ARKs are only assigned after items are uploaded, some records may need to be edited at a later time to add permalinks

    • Note: When you paste an ARK into the relation field, the system will automatically make it a link in the record
  • Choose the appropriate relation qualifier from the [controlled vocabulary][]
  • Generally both halves of the reciprocal relation should be represented so that each record references the other
    • In some cases, if there are a large number of related items on one side (usually has part/is part of), the child items should all reference the parent, but the reciprocal may be eliminated
    • The direction of the relationship should reflect which of the items was created first or is a more original version
    • If you cannot determine which is the more original/first created item, default to the one uploaded first (lower ARK)
  • If more than one qualifier applies (e.g., transcription and translation), choose one and explain as needed in a [display note][]
  • If none of the qualifiers applies to the items, the qualifier can be left blank, but consider whether the information might be more appropriate in another field such as:
    • [Description][]
    • [Display note][]
    • [Source][]
</table> \*\* The "Conforms to" relationship is not currently used within the system. For more information, see the note below in the [Comments][] section. ## Other Examples #### Detailed volumes with a separate summary ##### Summary report: *Is based on*: Texas House Legislative Budget Estimates: 2016-2017 Biennium, Articles 1-3, [ark:/67531/metapth641220][] *Is based on*: Texas House Legislative Budget Estimates: 2016-2017 Biennium, Articles 4-10, [ark:/67531/metapth640727][] ##### Each complete report: *Is basis for*: Summary of Texas House Legislative Budget Board Estimates: 2016-17 Biennium, [ark:/67531/metapth839391][] #### Map with copies in multiple formats ##### Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#1\]: *Has format*: Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#2\], OKHPB\_0470, [ark:/67531/metapth77939][] *Has format*: Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#3\], OKHPB\_0491, [ark:/67531/metapth77960][] ##### Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#2\]: *Is format of*: Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#1\], OKHPB\_0468, [ark:/67531/metapth77936][] *Is format of*: Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#3\], OKHPB\_0491, [ark:/67531/metapth77960][] ##### Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#3\]: *Is format of*: Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#1\], OKHPB\_0468, [ark:/67531/metapth77936][] *Is format of*: Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas \[\#2\], OKHPB\_0470, [ark:/67531/metapth77939][] #### Application materials with photos duplicated as separate items ##### For complete application document: *Has part*: \[Alexander Lowe House Photograph \#1\], [ark:/67531/metapth495135][] *Has part*: \[Alexander Lowe House Photograph \#2\], [ark:/67531/metapth495293][] ##### For each individual photo: *Is part of*: \[Historic Marker Application: Alexander Lowe House\], [ark:/67531/metapth477613][] #### City Ordinances repeated in multiple volumes ##### For Ordinances 1-20 record: *Has version*: \[City of Clarendon Ledger: Ordinances 1-103\], [ark:/67531/metapth38109][] ##### For Ordinances 1-103 record: *Is version of*: \[City of Clarendon Ledger: Ordinances 1-20\], [ark:/67531/metapth38130][] #### A series of volumes with a cumulative index ##### For General Index record: *References*: Experiment Station Record Volume 61, [ark:/67531/metadc5095][] ##### For Volume 61 record: *Is referenced by*: Experiment Station Record General Index to Volumes 61-70, [ark:/67531/metadc5055][] #### A handwritten letter with a typed transcription ##### Original letter: *Has transcription*: \[Transcript of letter from Josephus Moore to Charles Moore, February 16, 1865\], CBM\_2079-019-004, [ark:/67531/metapth203126][] ##### Transcription: *Is transcription of*: \[Letter from Josephus Moore to Charles Moore, February 16, 1865\], CBM\_2079-019-004, [ark:/67531/metapth203348][] #### A Texas document published in both English and Spanish ##### For English version: *Has translation*: Boletín de Noticias, Primavera 2013, [ark:/67531/metapth640173][] ##### For Spanish version: *Is translation of*: Texas Talking Book News, Spring 2013, [ark:/67531/metapth653584][] ## Comments - To make observations about related subject matter in the intellectual content of another resource (for example, photographs of the same storm-damaged building taken from different viewpoints), use the [Note][1] element. - Items may also have other content-based connections that are not represented best by a formal "Relation." For example, materials may have topical, geographic, or temporal relationships represented in the [Date][], [Coverage][], [Subject][], or other appropriate fields. - Relationships are drawn primarily from Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) standards (a full list of fields and controlled vocabulary terms can be accessed [here][]). - The relationships for transcription and translation are locally added - We include "Conforms To" within our controlled vocabulary as a DCMI relationship, but it is not currently used within the system. - Local practice is to use the Relation field specifically for reciprocal references between items in the Digital Collections, rather than describing relationships between an item in the Digital Collections and an external resource. - Although only the ARK is technically required to establish a relationship, it is highly encouraged to include a title or other identifying information for clarity and to increase metadata shareability (e.g., for harvesting) ## Resources - UNT Relation Qualifier [Controlled Vocabulary][] - Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) [Homepage][] **More Guidelines:** - [Quick-Start Metadata Guide][] - [Input Guidelines for Descriptive Metadata][] - [Metadata Home][] [note]: [non-display note]: [controlled vocabulary]: [display note]: [Description]: [Source]: [Comments]: [ark:/67531/metapth641220]: [ark:/67531/metapth640727]: [ark:/67531/metapth839391]: [ark:/67531/metapth77939]: [ark:/67531/metapth77960]: [ark:/67531/metapth77936]: [ark:/67531/metapth495135]: [ark:/67531/metapth495293]: [ark:/67531/metapth477613]: [ark:/67531/metapth38109]: [ark:/67531/metapth38130]: [ark:/67531/metadc5095]: [ark:/67531/metadc5055]: [ark:/67531/metapth203126]: [ark:/67531/metapth203348]: [ark:/67531/metapth640173]: [ark:/67531/metapth653584]: [1]: [Date]: [Coverage]: [Subject]: [here]: [Homepage]: [Quick-Start Metadata Guide]: [Input Guidelines for Descriptive Metadata]: [Metadata Home]:
Relationship Description Examples
Is based on / Is basis for
  • To show that an item has an intellectual relation to another
  • A creative adaptation of modernization (Is based on) ||vs.|| an original, creative work (Is basis for)
  • An executive summary (Is based on) ||vs.|| a separately-published report/document (Is basis for)
  • A linguistic analysis ( Is based on</em) ||vs.|| an original text or transcript (Is basis for)</li> </ul> </td> </tr>
Is format of / Has format
  • To show that the item has the same content in a different format
  • A photo print (Is format of) ||vs.|| the original negative (Has format)
  • A print manuscript (Is format of) ||vs.|| a born-digital text file (Has format)
Is part of / Has part
  • To show that the item is part of a larger resource
  • To show that the item is a duplication of partial content from another resource
  • A chapter from a book or report (Is part of) ||vs.|| the a complete volume (Has part)
  • An individual map (Is part of) ||vs.|| a book or atlas containing the same map (Has part)
Is version of / Has version
  • To show that an item has a different edition (for text)
  • To show that the item has a near-identical copy (e.g., revisions of technical drawings)
  • A revised technical drawing (Is version of) ||vs.|| an earlier version in the same format (Has version)
  • Identical copies of a postcard or photo print, perhaps with different handwritten notes
References / Is referenced by
  • To show that an item is intellectually interrelated
  • To show that an item is cited or sourced in the content of another resource
  • A letter (References) ||vs.|| separate, cited enclosures (Is referenced by)
  • A news script (References) ||vs.|| accompanying video clip (Is referenced by)
  • A report (References) ||vs.|| separately-published appendices, figures, or indexes (Is referenced by)
  • A research publication (References</em) ||vs.|| a dataset analyzed in the document (Is referenced by</em)</li> </ul> </td> </tr>
Replaces / Is replaced by
  • To show that a later version overrides an earlier one
  • A revised policy (Replaces) ||vs.|| a previous version (Is replaced by)
  • Any guidance/policy document (Replaces) ||vs.|| a previous version (Is replaced by)
Requires / Is required by
  • To show that an item needs another component
Has transcription / Is transcription of
  • To show that a handwritten item has a transcription
  • Any handwritten document -- letter, ledger, organizational minutes, etc. -- (Has transcription) ||vs.|| a typed version of the same content (Is transcription of)
  • A printed document written in calligraphy or fancy script, such as German Fraktur (Has transcription) ||vs.|| a simple type version (Is transcription of)
Has translation / Is translation of
  • To show that an item has versions in different languages
  • Any item written in any language -- pamphlet, letter, book, etc. -- (Has translation) ||vs.|| the same document published or made available in another language (Is translation of)
Conforms to**
  • To show that an item is compliant with a set of standards