Philosophy of Collection Development

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The University of North Texas Libraries have adopted a philosophy of collection development that prefers access to information over ownership and that emphasizes known needs rather than attempting to predict potential ones. In the jargon of the library profession, this approach has the name “just in time” collection development, as opposed to the traditional “just in case” philosophy. We refer to our vision of a “just-in-time” philosophy as Access-Based Collection Development, or ABCD.

ABCD developed in response to a variety of factors. Among these influences were new options related to e-book and e-resource availability, fluctuating materials budgets in an environment of sometimes steep inflation, the emergence of open access resources, the gaps that arise when relying on subject expert librarians while attempting to identify desirable interdisciplinary resources, the rising complexity of library materials acquisitions, the need for our subject expert librarians to focus more time on public services and less on technical services, and our desire to be more responsive to new developments in research needs among the faculty and students.

To learn more about ABCD, please read our White Paper: Redefining Collection Development at University of North Texas Libraries.

The following works expand on the original ABCD philosophy and provide details of its implementation:

For more information on ABCD, you may contact Todd Enoch, Head of Collection Development.