General Library Reserve Policy

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


Policy information related to placing general collections items on reserves.

The Libraries will make a single copy, usually electronic, of a magazine article, part of a book, etc., from its collections to be placed on Reserve for a particular course. Personal material belonging to the instructor may also be placed on reserve, but the Libraries are not responsible for any loss or damage to these materials.

Materials Which Can Be Placed On Reserve

  • Required reading for courses currently taught.
  • Materials not available in quantity.
  • Personal copies, if required reading. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to these materials.
  • Electronic copies of articles or chapters of books, or photocopies of materials owned by the UNT Libraries or by the instructor.
  • CDs, DVDs, and other media.

Materials Which Generally Cannot Be Placed On Reserve

  • Periodicals.
  • Non-circulating books.
  • Reference materials.
  • Workbooks.
  • Materials from other libraries.

Request Times & Item Removal

  • In order to have material on Reserve in a timely manner, it is necessary for the Libraries to have Reserve requests a minimum of two weeks prior to their initial use otherwise the Libraries cannot guarantee availability by the date needed.
  • Reserve material will be removed at the end of the semester unless the instructor requests renewal.

Electronic Reserves

  • All requests to place on reserve copies of articles or chapters from books will be processed in electronic format if the material is owned by the UNT Libraries or was authored by the instructor. If the material is not owned by the ​UNT Libraries or authored by the instructor, paper copies may be used.
  • No more than one chapter or 10% from a single book, or one article from a single issue of a journal, may be made available through electronic reserves for a course each semester.
  • Electronic reserves should be only a small part of total assigned readings in any given course.
  • Access to electronic reserves will be limited to students enrolled in the relevant course, and all electronic reserve material will be hosted on a secure, password-protected server. The faculty member must provide a password that students will use in accessing electronic documents and must be responsible for distributing the password to the class.
  • A copyright notice shall appear on the e-reserves system opening screen and on the cover sheet of each scan.
  • Articles available through the Electronic Resources or E-Books of the Libraries are subject to the terms of the Libraries’ licensing agreement with the vendor.
  • All electronic reserves will be removed from the electronic reserve system at the end of every semester, but the faculty member may request that the file be reinstated at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the forthcoming semester. The course password must be changed if the materials are to be used again.

The Libraries comply with U.S. Copyright Law. The faculty member must provide copyright permission, if necessary. The Libraries will not make copies of works intended to be consumable in the course of study or teaching (workbooks, exercises, etc.). For additional copyright information, please go to our Copyright Advisory Services page.


  • Approved: 06/11/12
  • Revised: 12/04/17

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