Media Library Reserve Policy

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


Instructors may place Media Library items, personal items, or legal off-air recordings on reserve for students to view in the library. All reserve items are entered into the UNT Library Catalog and can be searched by the instructor’s name, course number, or title.

The Media Library requires 48 hours to process and place an item on reserve. Please contact the Media Access Services Manager at (940) 565-2413 or email the Media Library at to place items on reserve.

Media Library Collection

  • Reserve items belonging to the Media Library may be taken out by other instructors for a 24 hour period for use in class.
  • Bookings placed on an item by other faculty before the item was put on reserve will be honored.
  • Media Library Faculty Reserve Request Form.

Personal Items

  • The Media Library carefully handles any personal items placed on reserve, but accepts no liability for loss or damage that may occur to the materials while it is in the Media Library.
  • Illegal copies of materials will not be placed on reserve.

Off-air Recordings

  • Items that have been recorded off air will only be placed on reserve if they are in compliance with copyright law and the guidelines for off-air recording, which limits viewing time to 45 days.
  • Please contact the Media Library for more information about requesting off air recordings.

Digitization Requests

If an instructor requests that a DVD held by the Media Library or loaned to it by the instructor be digitized in part or whole and made available online, the Media Library will attempt to negotiate a license to stream this film for at least the remainder of the semester. If a license cannot be acquired at a reasonable price in a reasonable time period, the Media Library will work with vendors to digitize the DVD, in part or whole, and make it available online through the end of the semester. Please fill out the Streaming Media Faculty Request Form.


  • Approved: 06/11/12
  • Revised: 06/25/19

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