24hr Student Computing Commons @ the Library General Procedures

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


Policies and procedures related to the 24 hour Student Computing Center @ the Library.

Checking In

The 24 Commons operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Patrons will login to workstations with their active UNT EUID and password.
  • Patrons may lock the workstation when leaving the station to go print, or attend to other timely business within the Library building.
  • Workstations cannot be held by use of the locking system. A workstation locked by the system will reboot automatically after 30 minutes of idle time.

Checking Out

  • You are required to checkout before leaving the facility at the end of your session.
  • To check out a patron must properly log out of the workstation.
  • If you leave the facility without properly checking out, the workstation is considered abandoned if you are gone more than fifteen minutes.
  • Any remaining items will be considered abandoned, confiscated, and handled as described below, and the computer will be returned to circulation for waiting patrons.

Waiting List

A waiting list will be maintained in the facility when necessary. During this time, use may be limited to two hours per patron to provide equal and timely computer access for all patrons.

  • You must give the CSR your UNT ID card to get on the waiting list.
  • When a machine becomes available, the CSR will call the next name on the list.
  • If you are not in the facility when your name is called you will be moved to the back of the waiting list and the next person will be called.
  • You must be in the facility in order to hold your place in line.

It is against university policy to fraudulently use university credentials to access resources. Students found to be presenting themselves as someone else, i.e. providing false credentials which include using an ID that does not belong to them, will be subject to disciplinary action.

Abandoned Items

The SCC is not responsible for abandoned items. Items turned in to the SCC desk will be retained at the desk until the next schedule run to the main University lost and found. Any abandoned UNT ID cards will be delivered to the ID Systems office located the Eagle Student Services Center, room 105.

No Tobacco Use

There will be absolutely no tobacco use in the facility and no use of vapor devices in the facility.

Phone Use

  • Cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices must be turned off or silenced before entering the designated Quiet area of the facility.
  • The designated Quiet study area is the entire area on the Lower Level
  • Cell phones are not to be used in the designated Quiet area. If a patron receives a call, the patron should leave the Lower Level to talk or a CSR will ask you to step out of the designated Quiet area.
  • The SCC Desk phone is for SCC business and emergencies only.
  • A courtesy phone is located on the second floor of Willis Library in the northeast stairwell.

Personal Computing Devices

  • SCC employees are not able to repair or work on patrons’ personal devices.
  • Patrons are not allowed to bring personal computing devices and plug them into the facilities wired network.
  • All personal devices i.e. cameras, USBs, etc., are used at your own risk.

Hardware / Software

Installation of personal hardware or software onto the SCC computers is not allowed. Only hardware and software installed by the technical support group for the facility will be maintained. A list of supported software can be found on our Software List page.

Savehere And Document Saving

As with any technology, the computers in the SCC can have occasional hardware and/or software failure. Each computer is equipped with a SaveHere drive that allows for temporary saving of documents. Documents saved to any other directory or drive on the workstation will be erased on reboot. SaveHere can be accessed by anyone using the computer therefore anyone can delete, alter, and/or modify documents that are left in the drive. It is important to email yourself a copy of your work or upload it to your SkyDrive account prior to leaving the computer.

Virus Protection

In order to protect the SCC’s operating environment, all SCC workstations are equipped with virus scanning utilities and will automatically scan external media for any computer viruses that may be present.


This list is not inclusive of all Student Computer Lab and UNT policies.


  • Approved: 07/04/12
  • Revised: 01/12/17

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