24hr Student Computing Center @ the Library Printing Guidelines

University Libraries, Unt Policy And Procedure Memorandum.


Printing Policies for UNT students at the Library.

Locations of Student Funded Printers

The Library currently runs a bank of student funded printers in Willis Library on the 1st floor, with additional student funded printers available on the 2nd floor, 4th floor and one in Sycamore Library.

Printing Credits

UNT students printing is a print credit system. Currently-enrolled UNT students receive a printing credit each semester which is valid for any student funded printer.

  • Print to meet your academic needs.
  • Check your print credit balance at printing.unt.edu.
  • Get a fresh print credit at the start of each semester.
  • Be GREEN – print responsibly.

Additional information regarding printing credits is available at computerlabs.unt.edu.

Printing Policies

  • Printing will be provided only to currently active UNT students
  • There is a 20 page limit per print job.
  • Large print jobs (i.e. thesis or dissertation) must be broken into 20 page increments
  • Lab managers have the authority to restrict printing and/or access from any user who abuses printing policies.
  • Lab Managers have the authority to grant special printing requests.
  • All documents will be printed duplex (on both sides) by default. This can be changed if necessary.

Please note:

  • Color printing is available for a fee.
  • Copiers both color and black & white are available in the facility for a fee.


  • Approved: 07/04/12
  • Revised: 07/09/21

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