Technical Information

Controlled Terms

The University of North Texas Libraries maintains a controlled vocabulary list of values for selected metadata elements. The list enables metadata creators to easily select appropriate values, ensuring that metadata consistency and precision across all digital resources will be maintained.

Required Fields

Metadata for the UNT Libraries’ Digital Collections includes twenty-one possible fields, however some of these are optional while others are required in order to meet the expectations of a minimally-viable record.

Application Profile

A summary of the technical requirements for the local UNTL metadata format used in the Digital Collections is outlined in a metadata application profile.

Mapping and Crosswalks

Mapping facilitates accurate conversions among various metadata element sets and crosswalks facilitate exporting metadata records to other systems. Currently, the system used for UNT Libraries metadata in the UNT Digital Library and The Portal to Texas History does not readily support import/export of metadata used in most other kinds of systems. For more information about how fields are used in UNT Libraries metadata or information about mapping, look at our Input Guidelines for Descriptive Metadata or contact the metadata administrators.