Metadata Input Guidelines: Institution

Element Name

Institution (Also called ‘Partner’ within The Portal to Texas History)


A consistent reference to the institution or administrative unit that owns the original resource for which metadata was created, or that retains rights and responsibilities related to the item and its usage.

Where Can the Institution Information be Found?

This information comes from the institution or from the project manager.

How Institution Works in the Metadata Form

1. Institution name – drop-down menu
No - only one organization owns an object
Yes (more information)

How Should the Institution be Filled in?

  • Select the correct institution name from the controlled vocabulary
  • For items created in the UNT community, the Institution will be the name of the College that contains the discipline or department
    • The specific department will be added as an Academic Department
    • In cases where items are created by UNT community members from different disciplines, the primary creator (or the person listed first on the item) will be used to determine the appropriate College
  • It is important that the correct institution name be entered for the item


Book: Directory of Texas Industries from Official Sources
Institution: ASPL - Austin Public Library
The Totem, Yearbook of McMurry College, 1977
Institution: MMUL - McMurry University Library
[Portrait of Cleo Hearn]
Institution: CWTC - Cowtown Coliseum
Newspaper: The Tulia Herald (Tulia, Tex.), Vol. 9, No. 38, Ed. 1, Friday, September 20, 1918
Institution: SWCL - Swisher County Library
Copy negative: Parade
Institution: HSUL - Hardin-Simmons University Library
Genealogical newsletter: Stirpes, Volume 20, Number 1, March 1980
Institution: TSGS - Texas State Genealogical Society
Lusterware pitcher
Institution: STAR - Star of the Republic Museum


  • For copyright-related information use the Rights element.
  • Institution is based on who possesses the physical items or has the authority to license usage of the content or digital copies.
  • In some cases (including microfilm), “institution” will refer to the partner responsible for the digitization whether they possess the items or not.


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