UNT Data Repository

UNT Data repository


The UNT Data Repository is housed in the UNT Digital Library and serves as a central archive for the research datasets of our UNT scholars. We offer guidance and support for managing, sharing, and preserving your data. There are a number of options available to you including licensing your data, length of time to preserve the data, and levels of access.

Depositing your data in the UNT Data Repository facilitates discoverability and preservation, allows others to cite your data, and satisfies requirements by many grant-funding agencies. For more information on research data management initiatives and services through the UNT Libraries, please see our Research Data Management pages.


  • Email an attachment to: untrepository@unt.edu
  • On a flash drive: we can provide one, or return yours
  • Interdepartmental mail: Attn: UNT Data Repository, Digital Projects Unit, Willis 370
  • Need more options, simply contact us


We accept most all standard digital formats (e.g., CSV, Microsoft Excel, etc.) and can work with you for special format or software requirements. We recommend non-proprietary software, such as CSV; however most all formats are accepted.

Basic Item Information

When known or relevant, please include the following information about the dataset:

  • Creator names
  • Title for the data
  • Date(s) data was created or generated
  • Licensing preference (i.e., Creative Commons license preference)

We will also ask that you create a text file (README.txt file) to accompany your dataset. This will contain specific information about the dataset to optimize usability. Information in the README.txt file will vary depending on the dataset. We can send you a template in which you simply fill in the fields that are relevant for your dataset.

More Information

If you are interested in including your datasets in the UNT Data Repository or would like to learn more, please contact us.