Texas Edges Lecture Series: Andrew Graybill

This year’s speaker for the Texas Edges Lecture Series will be Andrew Graybill. The lecture will take place March 20 at 2:00 in Willis 250H.

Andrew Graybill will deliver his lecture “The Texas Rangers at 200: Myth and History”.

Abstract: The most famous constabulary in the world (with apologies to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) celebrated its bicentennial in 2023. Presented with an opportunity to think more critically about the Rangers and their controversial role in shaping modern Texas, the bicentennial commission chose instead to double down on the mythology of the force rather than engaging in a long overdue public reckoning. Dr. Andrew Graybill will discuss what the history and mythology surrounding the Texas Rangers means today.


Andrew Graybill is Professor of History and the Director of the William Clements Center for Southwest Studies at Southern Methodist University.