Source: Music of the Avant-Garde Magazine

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The archives contain materials submitted to the seminal avant-garde magazine ‘Source’ during the years 1967-1973. Submissions to the magazine range from the indeterminate, graphic, conceptual, performance art, electronic and multimedia. The collection includes scores, photographs, recordings, articles and correspondences both published and unpublished. In addition to original materials from issues 1-11, the collection includes scores, photographs, and layouts for the never-published issue 12.

Larry Austin, UNT composition faculty member from 1978 until 1996, founded the Magazine in 1967 at University of California. The collection was donated to the Music Library by Dr. Austin and co-editor Stanley Lunetta.

This index was compiled by Nicholas Kanozik. Access to the collection is provided only by special arrangement with Mark McKnight, Head Music Librarian.