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International Competition Policy Advisory Committee
Antitrust Division

The International Competition Policy Advisory Committee (ICPAC) was formed in November 1997 to address the global antitrust problems of the 21st Century.

In recent years, there have been dramatic increases in both international commerce and international anticompetitive activity. The number of transnational corporate mergers has been rising steadily, and the Department of Justice currently has some two dozen grand jury investigations involving international cartels. With one quarter of the American gross domestic product now tied to international trade, the need to organize an international alliance against such cartels is greater than ever. Hence, this Committee.

ICPAC will provide advice and information to the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General on international antitrust issues, such as transnational cartels, multi-jurisdictional merger reviews, and international anticompetitive business practices. Co-chaired by a former Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust and a former chairwoman of the US International Trade Commission, it is comprised of a distinguished panel of business, industrial relations, academic, economic, and legal experts. Links to the Committee's documents are provided below.