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ACIR closely monitors the intergovernmental arena, and interacts frequently with other organizations that address intergovernmental concerns. Below is a list of those that support home pages on the world wide web.


State ACIR's


Intergovernmental Partners (National and International)


For these links, we defer to organizations that track federal home pages on the world wide web. Many federal agencies support intergovernmental affairs offices or departments, and several of their sites contain a rich volume of material concerning intergovernmental matters.

We recommend the following sites for finding federal home pages (listed in alphabetical order).3400/DO/UG


Federal Resources for State and Local Government:

State ACIR's:

There are 23 State ACIR organizations. Currently, only a few are supporting home pages, however, several others have indicated that they will be developing home pages within the next year.

Those for which we have addresses are:

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