Photography and Visual Materials Collections


Visual representation forms an important part of many academic disciplines including art, anthropology, history and cultural studies. The Photography and Visual Materials Collection documents the history of photography and visual representation through the works of both traditional and vernacular artists. The collection includes fine art photography, studio and commercial work, specimens of early photography and other types of visual art such as paintings, posters, illustrations, sculpture and folk art.

Notable Collections:

Clark Family collection, 1939-2000

Joe Clark, his son Junebug Clark and other family members contributed to this collection spanning 60 years of photographic history. Included amongst the over 1 million images are commercial and artistic works of subjects as diverse as the automobile industry, the Cumberland Gap and the iconic Jack Daniel’s product photography series.

Byrd Williams Family collection, 1895-2013

Four generations of photographers are documented in the Byrd Williams Family collection. Byrd Williams IV, an accomplished fine art and documentary photographer, was heavily influenced by the work of his father, grand-father and great-grand-father, whose archives he maintained throughout his life. As a collection these images tell a story of the history of this family, their work, and the development of the north Texas area over the last century.

Cutting Horse and Ranch Photography collections, 1960-2004

Don Shugart and Roy Bankston were two of the best known photographers at cutting horse events in the north Texas region for over 40 years. In addition to working annual competitions, Shugart and Bankston captured the culture and lifestyle of the horse ranching industry through commercial work for the top ranchers and breeders in the area. Their photos define why north Texas is known as Horse County USA.

KXAS-NBC 5 Television news archive, 1948-1980

This landmark archive of the first television news program in Texas contains over 10,000 reels of film footage shown on air during live broadcasts between 1948 and 1980 as well as commercial product slides, scripts and still images. The KXAS collection documents historic news events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as the evolution of the television news medium.

Bill Woodside collection, 1951-1965

Bill Woodside started the Lake Whitney Views “picture newspaper” in 1951 with the goal of providing a photographic record of news and events taking place around Lake Whitney, Texas. Woodside’s image archive contains everything from fishing tournaments to appearances by celebrities such as Roy Rogers.

John A. Stryker Collection, 1940-1950

The John A. Stryker collection at UNT contains 11 signed prints representing the artist’s best known style—western ranch and rodeo photography.

Willis Family collection, 1884-1975

The Willis Family collection includes 19th century daguerreotypes, French portrait miniatures, cabinet cards, photo albums, correspondence and journals documenting the history of the Willis family in Waco.

Cirrus Bonneau collection, 1978-1979

Bonneau documented the extant log cabins of Texas is a series of photographs for the book and travelling exhibit Dog Trots and Mud Huts.