NBC 5/KXAS (WBAP) Television News Collection


UNT Libraries house the complete news archive of NBC 5/KXAS (formerly WBAP), the oldest television news station in Texas. The archive contains historic broadcast footage, scripts, advertisements, still photography and research files dating from 1950 through 2012. Film and video in the archive remain in its original physical format, such as 16mm film and obsolete video formats such as UMATIC tape, making it difficult to view and preserve. Although much of the footage in the archive has not been seen since its original air date. Over 20,000 original broadcast news segments, and over 45,000 news scripts have been digitized and are available online. We are currently scanning footage on an on-demand basis.

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of NBC 5 we have created on online exhibit of some of the most interesting and noteworthy materials we have found.

You may view the exhibit here.

You may view the digitized collection in The Portal to Texas History.

Licensing and Rights

UNT Libraries holds the exclusive right to preserve, reformat, permanently store, and present the NBC 5/KXAS collection online. UNT Libraries has also agreed to act as the licensing agent for the broadcast footage. If you plan to use clips from the NBC 5/KXAS collection for purposes other than personal research — including projects that will be shown to the general public or used for commercial gain — you must obtain permission to license the material. You can learn more and find our licensing request form in our FAQ. Any additional questions about licensing footage should be directed to specialcollections@unt.edu.

If you are a filmmaker who would like to use this collection, please read our NBC 5/KXAS Research Procedures.

In you have located footage you are ready to license, please submit a licensing request.

Help us digitize the NBC 5/KXAS Archive

Access to the NBC 5/KXAS Archive is extremely limited due to the fragile condition of the film and video. We need your help to raise the funds necessary to clear, repair, and digitize this important piece of North Texas history. It costs approximately $7,500 to digitize and permanently preserve one month of film. Please consider a tax deductible gift today to assist us in meeting our goal.

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In 1946 publisher Amon G. Carter filed permits with the Federal Communications Commission for construction of a television station in Fort Worth, Texas. Carter, already a legend in the publishing world, had been successfully operating the Fort-Worth Star Telegram newspaper since 1909 and a major NBC affiliated radio station, WBAP, since 1922. His new television station, WBAP-TV, also NBC affiliated, aired its first broadcast on September 27, 1948. WBAP was the first television station in Texas and the only television station in the entire southwest region of the country.

For over 65 years the news station (renamed NBC 5/KXAS in 1974 following its sale to LIN broadcasting) continued to broadcast programming from their original location on “Broadcast Hill” in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2012 the station began construction of a new $16 million facility centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and in early 2014 the station began broadcasting from their new location. News programming at NBC 5/KXAS has grown over the years from a daily 15 minute news reel in the 1950’s to multiple daily news broadcasts by the 1970’s. The station continued to be a leader in local television news by becoming the first station in Texas to feature all-color news film in 1966, and was the first station in the country to produce a monthly “news magazine” featuring in-depth, documentary style reporting.