Payment of Freelancers and Vendors

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Freelancers and vendors (“you”) working for UNT Libraries Scholarly Publishing Services (“we”) are paid according to the following process:

  1. We create an independent-contractor copyright agreement for the task based on your winning bid. You submit* a signed copy of this.

  2. Freelancers only: You complete the UNT System’s independent contractor form. According to the terms in the independent-contractor copyright agreement, you should answer “no” to question 10 and “yes” to question 11.

  3. If this task is the first work you’ve performed for UNT, you submit*:

    a. a signed version of a W-9 form (for U.S. persons, resident aliens, and corporations), a W-8BEN form (for foreign individuals), or a W-8BEN-E form (for foreign corporations) In addition, foreign nationals (whether US residents or not) are required to fill out UNT’s Foreign National Form.

    b. UNT System’s supplier EFT form (on which you leave blank the BSC VID). While the form says to submit to the Business Services Center, please submit directly to us along with the other paperwork to avoid confusion.

  4. We create a purchase requisition. Once it’s approved, you’ll receive a purchase order by email from UNT.

  5. You perform the service for us. Once the work is complete, you submit an invoice to according to the instructions with the purchase order, citing the purchase order number on the invoice. We will share additional instructions that are specific to the UNT Libraries.

  6. UNT pays you by check or electronic funds transfer, depending on your choice on the EFT form. According to Texas Government Code section 2251.021, payment to you is due before 31 days following the completion of your work, with interest for late payments determined according to section 2251.025. We do not negotiate earlier terms of payment or other interest rates for late payment.

*These documents may be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • as an email attachment:
  • by fax: +1 940 369 8760, to the attention of Kevin Hawkins
  • by mail:
    Kevin Hawkins
    University of North Texas Libraries
    1155 Union Cir. #305190
    Denton, TX 76203-5017