Disability Accommodation

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The University of North Texas Libraries (UNTL) Disability Accommodation Policy.


  • The Libraries are sensitive to the needs of our users with disabilities. In order to facilitate access to library services and resources, the Libraries provide reasonable accommodation for all users with disabilities during regular service hours for each department. Staffing level and time of day may affect the level of service available. Outside regular service hours, appointments may be made for assistance. Students with disabilities should be registered with the Office of Disability Accommodation (ODA) in Sage Hall. If the disability is not apparent, the student may be asked to show a “Student Accommodation Information Form”.
  • Users with disabilities that prevent them from retrieving library materials may request at the service desk that materials be pulled for them. In the Willis Library, each service desk will be responsible for assisting users. In the Sycamore Library, users are asked to seek assistance with retrieval of materials from the Service Desk. The request for assistance may be made in person, by phone, or by e-mail. UNT students needing extensive or long-term assistance may be referred to the Office of Disability Accommodation (Sage Hall 167, 565-4323).
  • UNT faculty members needing extensive or long-term assistance may be referred to the Division of Equity and Diversity (Administration Building Room 175, 565-2456).
  • If a user wishes to express a concern, make a comment, or file a complaint concerning this policy, the user will be referred to the Libraries ADA Liaison (Willis Library 252, 565-2415). If an accommodation cannot be arranged to the satisfaction of the user, then the user will be referred to the “ADA Grievance Procedure for the University of North Texas.”


  • Approved: 06/14/12
  • Revised: 01/12/17

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