UNT Libraries releases the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy Collection

The University of North Texas Libraries is excited to release the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy Collection in the UNT Digital Library. This collection features over 120 resources about the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) toward government, legislative and procedural policy. We expect this collection to grow over the upcoming year with new publications being added as they are identified and collected.

Items in this collection are published by city and state governments, international government agencies, federal agencies, non-governmental agencies, and private research institutes. Users of the collection can expect resources that include official government reports, suggested policy implementation frameworks, proposed procedural guidelines and summarized research pertaining to AI and ML implementation. Included in the reports are updates of original findings from previous years, allowing users to follow the progression of an agency’s goals concerning the implementation of AI policy over time.

“Many libraries are discussing how they will contribute to the landscape of Artificial Intelligence on their campuses and in their organizations. This collection of publications allows us to provide a resource we are uniquely positioned to create. Libraries have always identified, collected, and described materials for our users. This is just another way we can assist in this changing landscape.” - Mark Phillips, Associate Dean for Digital Libraries.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy collection is freely available in the UNT Digital Library, and we are interested in suggestions for additional resources as they are released and identified.