International Coffee Day

Bring your own mug! Stop by The Study during the semester and fill up for $1.75.

The semester is in full swing: professors are giving out homework and tests, and students are staying up late and getting up early to make it to that shining diploma at the end of the academic tunnel. Whether you’re a professor, a student, faculty, or staff, we all need the same thing to fuel us each and every day: a cup of coffee.

International Coffee Day was established in 1963 as a way to promote cooperation among coffee-producing nations. Since then, the unofficial holiday has expanded to coffee lovers all over the world, and UNT is no exception.

This year on September 29, celebrate this brew-ly amazing holiday by grabbing a cup of coffee at UNT Libraries’ own coffee shop and chill-out area, The Study. Brewed with local coffee beans from Bookish Coffee, The Study is sure to give you that pick-me-up to help you make it through this semester. They even have a sweet deal to help the environment: if you bring your own mug, they’ll fill it up for $1.75, the low price of a small coffee!

Want to take your celebration a step further? Check out the UNT Libraries catalog to read up on the history of coffee, learn about its connection to disease prevention, or listen to some good music from the UNT Music Library!

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