UNT Library Council for Diversity and Inclusion

The UNT Library Council for Diversity and Inclusion (LCDI) aims to foster a welcoming and caring community within UNT Libraries. LCDI identifies areas within UNT Libraries in which diversity, inclusion, and equity can be promoted or improved, and offers recommendations to Library Leadership.

Membership on the council is open to any full-time employees within the University Libraries. It aspires to include members from each library division.

For more information about LCDI, see our Charter, developing list of goals and accomplishments, and links to resources, and below.

Council Membership

Leadership Team

Yvonne Dooley Photo

Yvonne Dooley
(co-chair, Public Services)

Marcia McIntosh Photo

Marcia McIntosh
(co-chair, Digital Libraries)

Emily Akers Photo

Emily Akers
(secretary, Public Services)

Shaureece Park Photo

Shaureece Park
(ex-officio, Administration)

Council Members

Sian Brannon Photo

Sian Brannon
(Administration, Collection Management)

Kevin Yanowski Photo

Kevin Yanowski (Cataloging & Metadata Services)

Megan Gellner Photo

Megan Gellner
(External Relations)

Joshua Sylve Photo

Joshua Sylve
(External Relations)

Steven Guerrero Photo

Steven Guerrero
(Special Libraries)

Angela Whitfield Photo

Angela Whitfield
(Public Services)

Laurel Crawford Photo

Laurel Crawford
(Collection Management)

  • *Teresita Hurtado-Ramos (Division of Institutional Equip and Diversity Rep.)

LCDI Charter

Read our Charter and Values

2021-2022 Council Goals and Current Work

The LCDI has identified the following goals, priorities, and work for the inaugural council members to complete.

  • Continue to develop and assess equitable hiring and retention policies and practices to improve diversity and inclusion across the libraries
  • Begin initiatives to strengthen communication and awareness among library divisions and employees.
  • Provide space for discussions relating to libraries and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
  • Develop policies and practices as needed to improve DEI in UNT Libraries
  • Improve the cultural expression, inclusiveness, and cohesiveness of UNT Libraries

Notable DEI Accomplishments and Activities in the UNT Libraries

The following library activities are being done across the libraries to improve and impact DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) work at UNT.

  • Inclusive Excellence Award from the Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • First ever Division of Equity and Inclusion Diversity Fellow
  • 2020 Libraries Climate Survey
  • Faculty and Staff Diversity Hiring Guide and Process Changes
  • Emoji Story Screening and Library-wide Discussion
  • Land Acknowledgement Creation Guide

Campus Resources and Trainings

Training Opportunities


Library Resources Guides by Librarians (LibGuides)


  • Libraries D&I Interest Group (Internal)