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ACIR produces and sells studies, reports, and position papers about wide ranging intergovernmental issues. Recent publications fit into several broad categories:

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The prices of publications listed herein are accurate as of November 1, 1995. Prices may change periodically. We will perform updates as often as possible. If you would like to order an ACIR publication, please go to Order Form.

Also, keep in mind that ACIR has been in existence than 37 years, and that this list does not include all ACIR publications. To receive a list of all of our publications, please send your request to the address on our Order Form.

Selected ACIR Publications by Subject:

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(Title, Order Code, Publication Date, Price)

Federal Court Rullings Involving State, Local, and Tribal Governments Calendar Year 1994, M-196, 1995, $15.00

Federal Mandate Relief for State, Local, and Tribal Governments, A-129, 1995, $15.00

Federally Induced Costs Affecting State, Local, and Tribal Governments, M-193, 1994, $20.00

Federal Regulation of State and Local Governments: The Mixed Record of the 1980's, A-126, 1993, $15.00

Federal Statutory Preemption of State and Local Authority, A-121, 1992, $10.00

Environmental Decisionmaking for Environmental Protection and Public Works, A-122, 1992, $10.00

Federal Grant-In-Aid Programs

(Title, Order Code, Publication Date, Price)

Characteristics of Federal Grant-In-Aid Programs to State and Local Governments, M-195, 1995, $15.00

Block Grants, Federal Aid, and Deficit Reduction, IB-2, 1995, $2.00

Federal Grant Profile 1995: A Report on ACIR's Federal Grant Fragmentation Index, SR-20, 1995, $15.00

Fiscal Data and Policy

(Title, Order Code, Publication Date, Price)

Significant Feateurs of Fiscal Federalism: Budget Processes and Tax Systems, M-197-1, 1995, $25.00

Significant Features of Fiscal Federalism: Revenues and Expenditures, M-190-2, 1994, $29.00

Tax and Expenditure Limits on Local Governments, M-190, 1995, $15.00

State and Local Travel Taxes, M-194, 1995, $8.00

Changing Public Attitudes on Government and Taxes, S-23, 1994, $10.00

Taxation of Interstate Mail Order Sales: 1994 Revenue Estimates, SR-18, 1994, $8.00

RTS 1991: State Revenue Capacity and Effort, M-187, 1993, $20.00

Government Process and Organization

(Title, Order Code, Publication Date, Price)

MPO Capacity: Improving the Capacity of Metropolitan Planning Organizations, A-130, 1995, $15.00

Planning to Govern, M-191, 1994, $10.00

High Performance Public Works: A New Federal Infrastructure Investment Strategy for America, SR-16, 1993, $10.00

High Performance Public Works: Sourcebook of Working Documents, SR-16S, 1994, $25.00

State Laws Governing Local Government Structure and Administration, M-186, 1993, $10.00

Local Government Autonomy: Needs for State Constitutional, Statutory, and Judicial Clarification, A-127, 1993, $10.00

The Organization of Local Public Economies, A-109, 1987, $8.00

Health and Welfare

(Title, Order Code, Publication Date, Price)

Medicaid, AFDC, and State Budgets, IB-1, 1995, $2.00

Local Government Responsibilities in Health Care, M-192, 1994, $10.00

Child Care: The Need for Federal-State-Local Coordination, A-128, 1994, $10.00

Criminal Justice

(Title, Order Code, Publication Date, Price)

The Role of General Government Elected Officials in Criminal Justice, A-125, 1993, $25.00

Guide to the Criminal Justice System for General Government Elected Officials, M-184, 1993, $8.00

Descriptions of Selected ACIR Publications


1. Federal Court Rulings Involving State, Local, and Tribal Governments: Calendar Year, 1994 This is the first Section 104 report (P.L. 104-4, 109 Stat. 48, Section 304), covering calendar year 1994. For the report, researchers read more than 25,000 Federal court opinions and created a special computer database ("Section 304 Data-base") into which they entered information about more than 3,500 opinions on issues concerning the effect of more than 100 federal laws on state, local, or tribal governments.

This report presents a sample of the most important information in the database, focusing on two groups of federal court rulings at the core of Section 304. The "first tier federal mandates" encompass rulings that directly order state, local, or tribal governments to undertake particular responsibilities or activities. The "second-tier federal mandates" encompass rulings that order state, local, or tribal governments to refrain from certain activities, or that declare state, local, or tribal laws invalid due to a conflict with federal law. This report also contains a Litigation Frequency Table, which lists federal statutes covered by one or more opinions in the Section 304 Database followed by the number of opinions that were written on each statute.

2. Federal Mandate Relief for State, Local, and Tribal Governments responds to an April, 1994 request from the Clinton Administration to provide information and guidance on the mandate relief legislation and related concepts being considered in the 103rd Congress. It is based o the work of two Task Forces convened by the Commission during the Fall of 1994. These Task Forces included federal legislative and executive staff members familiar with the issues, representatives of the affected state, local, and tribal governments, and other knowledgeable experts. The Task Force statements are designed to be helpful to the Congress as well as to the Administration.

The Task Forces considered the issues surrounding:

Federal Grant-in-Aid Programs:

1. Characteristics of Federal Grant-in-Aid Programs to State and Local Governments is part of a multi-volume report begun in 1975, on the intergovernmental grant system. It identifies, counts, and examines the characteristics of federal categorical grant-in-aid programs to state and local governments. Although there had been earlier compilations of federal assistance programs, this report was the first to focus exclusively on categorical grants and portray an accurate picture of the federal grant system.

2. Block Grants, Federal Aid, and Deficit Reduction is an issue brief that defines block grants and the reasons using them, answers some of the principal questions about block grants, and describes factors that should be considered in designing and establishing new block grant programs.

3. Federal Grant Profile 1995: A Report on ACIR's Federal Grant Fragmentation Index is the third in a series published by ACIR. It analyses the system of federal grants to state and local governments and recommends how it might be "decongested." As part of that analysis, ACIR developed a "fragmentation index," which pointed to programs that potentially might be eliminated or devloved to state and local governments.

Fiscal Data and Policy:

1. Significant Features of Fiscal Federalism Volume I, 1995 is a review of the Budgetary Process and Tax Systems of Federal government and all 50 states.

2. Tax and Expenditure Limits on Local Governments presents the results of an extensive study of local tax and expenditure limitations imposed by states. The study emphasizes limitation design, amount of allowable growth, affected local governments, circumvention mechanisms, length of implementation, and significant alterations.

Government Processes and Organization:

1. MPO Capacity: Improving the Capacity of Metropolitan Planning Organizations to Help Implement National Transportation Policies addresses the question of MPO capacity. It begins with the hypothesis that many, if not all, of the MPO's need help in fulfilling the expectations of ISTEA, and outlines their initial experiences in seeking to comply with the law.

Health and Welfare:

1. Medicaid, AFDC, and State Budgets proposes that there may be two effects on States' budgets if these programs suffer cuts in the FY 1996 Federal Budget.

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