ACIR Activities of Interest to Intergovernmental Partners

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Intergovernmental Perspective

Quarterly magazine that provides challenging articles and information about intergovernmental developments and their meaning for the states.

Monitioring Reports

Research reports on subjects such as the need for intergovernmental coordination of child care, federal court rulings impacting state governments, and federal mandate relief.

Issue Briefs

Periodic white papers on such issues as Medicaid, AFDC, state budgets, block grants, and deficit reduction.

Characteristics of Federal Grant-in-Aid Programs

A biennial inventory of federal grant assistance programs, including their statutory basis and breakdown by type, funding, and categories.

Significant Features of Fiscal Federalism

An annual, two-volume compilation of federal, state, and local government fiscal data, tax structures, and fiscal assistance.

Policy Statements

Periodic policy papers dealing with subjects such as federal mandate relief, stregnthening ingergovermental partnerships, anf federal reforms.

Congressional Testimony

Topics addressed include federal block grants, federal aid formulas, welfare reform, local bankruptcy, intergovernmental reform legislation, and cross-cutting federal requirements.

Congressional Summits

Informational workshops on such subjects as federal capital budgeting and innovative financing of public infrastructure.

Meetings and Conferences

Conferences, workshops, and symposiums to facilitate state and federal dialogue.

Federal Grant Profiles

An annual report that analyzes the changes and trends in federal aid.

State Intergovernmental Bodies

ACIR provides technical assistance to state organizations.

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